Free PDF tutorial : How to Paint Realistic Leather

Well, I tried Patreon, and sadly there just wasn't the level of interest required for it to be worth carrying ...
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How to make a simple plinth using plasticard

Here's How to make a simple plinth for Volgor (this guy below, available from Andrea miniatures HERE), it's not a full ...
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Winging it, or ‘Painting without a plan’

Experimental. This is the word I would probably choose to describe this post. After the black tutorial did so well ...
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The Black Tutorial

So here it is, the first proper painting tutorial for The Goldfish of Justice. First of all let's get the ...
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Magnetising a Space Marine Drop Pod

I had a request from a client recently to magnetise the weapons on a space marine Drop Pod, and as ...
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How to make a display base from a picture frame

For the more experienced modelers among you, this may seem like a bit of an obvious one, but to a ...
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5 Tips on prepping your miniatures

One thing that many new starters don't get told is how to prep a miniature for paint. It's a fairly ...
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