The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust Pre-order

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Goldfish of Justice Miniatures is proud to present the next in its line of miniatures, The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust.
Originally sculpted in Monster Clay and then cast in high quality polyurethane resin, this piece stands 4 inches in height and has been created to the highest standards and will provide a fun challenge for figure painters of all skill levels.

Captain of the Damned bust Front view

The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust Pre-order cost

The Resin Bust is priced at only £30 plus postage (4.40 first class signed for within the UK, 4.45 international standard, please use the contact form here if you require overseas tracking or signed for options. ) here’s the Paypal link please don’t forget to add your address.

This preorder will be open until the 23rd of July.

I really hope you like what I’ve done and look forward to seeing painted versions of this popping up soon!


Captain of the Damned 3/4 view Captain of the Damned left view Captain of the Damned right view Captain of the Damned right 3/4 view Captain of the Damned alternate front view


Please note, this is a pre-order, I have secured funding to put this into production (indeed, the resin and silicone required are already on their way!) once supplies arrive I will able to begin the process of creating the ‘master’ version, which will be used to refine the details and iron out any potential issues, thus ensuring you receive the highest quality sculpt I can produce.
At this stage, I will also create the hat, an integral part of the miniature which will come as a separate piece, but in order to get the best fit it will need to be sculpted onto a hard resin version of the model.
Once the master is cast in resin, along with the hat, I will produce a two part production mold, which will ensure the highest possible quality final product.


at the moment I am looking at 4 weeks from the point of funding (which was 18th July)


Photoshop brushes by Brusheezy!

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