The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust Pre-order

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Goldfish of Justice Miniatures is proud to present the next in its line of miniatures, The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust.
Originally sculpted in Monster Clay and then cast in high quality polyurethane resin, this piece stands 4 inches in height and has been created to the highest standards and will provide a fun challenge for figure painters of all skill levels.

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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal

So, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal. Thus far NMM is a topic that has always caused a fair amount of friendly debate (and I daresay unfriendly debate too!) in the painting community. So for the absolute beginner, what’s the difference?

Metallic paint contains literal flakes of metal (usually aluminium) suspended in coloured pigment.  The flakes reflect light, causing the paint to look shiny once its applied and the size of the flakes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so its up to the painter which brand he/she prefers. There’s a lot more science that goes into these paints, but quite frankly its boring so I won’t.

Non metallic metal isn’t a paint, rather its a style of painting, using standard paints in high contrast to trick the eye into thinking the surface is reflective, in exactly the same way a 2d artist would do (both traditional and digital), check out this video from Sephiroth Art to see what I mean.

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Miniature painting in 2017, The year so far.

Well, we’re nicely into 2017 now, the madness of Christmas and new year has gone. So its about time I got back into blogging ( something I’m notoriously unpredictable with) and regaled you with what I’ve been upto in my Miniature painting. there is a reason for that though, I always struggle to think of something to say that I think will be of use to my readers. Of course Its not really up to me to decide what people will enjoy reading, I really do need to just write stuff, post stuff and see what people like, share and then create more of that!

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Free PDF tutorial : How to Paint Realistic Leather

Well, I tried Patreon, and sadly there just wasn’t the level of interest required for it to be worth carrying on with. However in the short time it was active I created a tutorial about how I paint realistic leather on my figures, it seemed a shame to let it go to waste, so here it is for you! Just click on the thumbnail and the PDF will open.

I hope you have fun with this tutorial on How to paint realistic leather, and be sure to send any pics of your figures to my Facebook Page if you use it, I’d love to see them!



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Winging it, or ‘Painting without a plan’

Experimental. This is the word I would probably choose to describe this post.

After the black tutorial did so well (thanks to everyone who read and shared it!), it became a question of what to follow it with. There have been many suggestions, all of which will be used at some point or another.

I decided that its all very well me showing you how to do things step by step, but how do you apply these techniques and thinking to your own models?

So in-between normal tutorials which will cover things like how to paint textured leather, and the perennial subject of skintones, I’m going to paint without having a real plan of what to do, so you can have an insight into the decision making process, and what happens when things go horribly wrong (which they will do, it happens to all of us at some point).

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The Black Tutorial

So here it is, the first proper painting tutorial for The Goldfish of Justice.

First of all let’s get the basics out of the way.

Paint consistency

Thinner is better in this case, about the same consistency as milk for your first highlight layer, and from then on even thinner, 3:1 or even 4:1 in favour of water and some of my black glazes are pretty much just slightly tinted water. You can use less diluted paint if you wish, but you’ll be spending a lot more time blending and smoothing out the transitions between colours.  The diluted paints also go some way towards negating the ‘chalky’ look that sometimes happens when putting pale colours onto black because you can build the layers up and glazes take less effort. Continue reading The Black Tutorial

Tanks for the memories

A quick post with some updated photos of a tank I’ve been working on, its an Emhar MKiv British tadpole, an experimental trench crossing version of the much loved MKiv male tank, interestingly it appears that the tadpole was never used in combat due to not being rigid enough to fufill its purpose.  Despite that though it remains a cracking looking beast!


As far as the kit itself is concerned, well, it seems to be a fairly old mould with plenty of flash and ill-fitting parts but once you’ve wrangled everything into position it looks quite good, even with the rubber tracks (which i hope to replace with metal versions at a later date).


If anyone has any questions then feel free to pop them in the comments!

Happy Painting!


Follow along as I take my miniature painting to the next level, and learn how to do the same.