Warhammer Fest 2014

Now that the pre-competition madness has abated I can take a breather and gather my thoughts regarding Warhammer Fest.

Basically, I loved it. in previous years the show has felt a bit impersonal and definitely more like a sales event. Not so this year.

Granted, Games Workshop is still a business at the end of the day, so if we want to continue having lovely shiny models then we have to accept that events with lots of things to buy are the norm. But this year, with everything split into different, smaller areas it didn’t feel like this was the focus.

last year at the NIA, there was lots of waiting outside in a queue to get in, but this year, the layout of the ricoh arena meant everyone could wander in, sit down for a coffee, fill out any GD entry forms and then jump into the queue to hand over entries, I think I queued for only about 10mins before the doors to the Golden Demon area were opened, and once inside the atmosphere was fantastic with lots of fellow painters to catch up with. As I wasn’t after any of the forgeworld pre-releases I didn’t go the ForgeWorld sales stand straight away, but I didn’t go down long after the doors had opened and I was through the short queue in no time at all.

The star of the show had to be Forgeworld and their incredible Calth display.



in terms of detail and scenery, this has to be the best board they’ve put together. and according to the forgeworld seminar, there is a Horus Heresy Modelling Masterclass book coming out this year with loads of how-to’s and build photos of the various displays they’ve made. Fingers crossed the calth display is in this first book.

As far as the Golden Demon Competition goes, well, the standard of entries was astounding and a few big names didn’t get the trophies we expected them to. The slayer Sword (along with forgeworld best in show and gold in vehicle category) this year went to Richard Gray with his amazing Forgeworld Thanatar. A well deserved win!



(I didn’t manage to get many photos this year so all credit goes to Richard Gray for the photos)

And as for myself? well I picked up a finalist certificate for the dwarf which I am very happy with, and its given me a sense of purpose in that all I want to do now is paint everything as well as I possibly can in an effort to claim victory next year!


In an effort to fund next years show entries and practice pieces, the dwarf is for sale HERE

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