Ultramarine Veteran

Well, I’ve been frantically painting away on quite a few projects recently, and some may notice the ever expanding gallery section of the blog. However time has been in short supply with all the commissions and ebay work going on and my posts have slowed somewhat. This seems to be a result of some deep seated desire not to let people see ‘behind the scenes’ as it were. I sometimes think that it’s in my best interests to only let people see my best work, but I know this is a bit daft and I for one love to see work in progress shots on many of the blogs I frequent.

So first of all, here’s a couple of shots of the latest project. An Ultramarines chapter veteran. Aside from chapter iconography he’s pretty much done.

20130405_223229 copy 20130405_223311 copy

And in the spirit of showing off what I’m working on, here’s a pic of a Dark Eldar Razorwing which is a spot of practice for an Eldar Fire Prism which is currently on the list of projects to be done.


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