Tyranid Haruspex.

As many of you follow me on Facebook will know, I’ve been tinkering with a tyranid haruspex for a while now. It was initially supposed to be a quick job to sell on eBay, a nice tidy gaming standard model. However, after all the armies recently, my painting muscles needed a bit of a flex, and that quick tidy model turned into this


I’ve used a technique called ‘trompe l’oeil’ which is used to simulate cracks and scratches in the surface of a figure just by using paint. Here’s the more detailed run down I posted in the Facebook comments last night

Right, obvious stuff out the way first, prime it black.
First job after priming is to get some subtle colour graduation on there, for this one I airbrushed xereus purple on the outer edges of the plate (piece of paper butted up against the join stops the paint bleeding into the bits you want kept dark.

Next do the striations (striped grooves) firstly with xereus purple (tricky to see at first but adds a bit of texture) then genestealer purple and finally genestealer plus a drop of white (not too much, about 3:1 in favour of purple should do the trick)

Now the interesting bit, the cracks. What you’ve done so far should mean that black shows up quite well on the purple. Thin your paint well 1:1 mix of paint/water will be fine. Use this to paint in your cracks, make some straight like the surface is brittle and make some a bit more wiggly like they’re older and worn (for the places where the surface has peeled off keep it parallel to the edges and do more striations like you did on the edges). The highlights on the cracks are critical to this effect, have a think about where the light hits the model and put the highlights (same colours as used on the striations) right alongside the edge of the black cracks furthest away from the light source. Once you’ve done all that, glaze the whole thing with druchii violet and go in with pure white on very small points of the highlights to emphasise them. For the peeled bits, glaze in some necron abyss to make it look like there’s actually a physical gap there. Have fun!

This model will be for sale after I’m done (it’ll have a nice spangly base too seeing as I’ve spent all this time making it look gnarled and awesome.)

Just send a message to thegoldfishofjustice@gmail.com if you’re interested.

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