Turmiel from Dark Vengeance

Well, he’s finished! Turmiel from Dark Vengeance has been an interesting model to paint, for a plastic model it’s very nicely detailed with a nice pose. I used a slightly different technique on the cloak than I would do normally, starting with a vermin brown base and working up with layers of vermin brown/ushabti bone (Bleached bone in the old GW colours) and then ushabti bone on it’s own. Not sure if I’d do that again as it was very labour intensive. For an unknown reason the model was very, very difficult to photograph properly, whether it was just showing up the limitations of my photo set-up I’m not sure yet. The blends are much smoother in the flesh.

The model is currently up for sale on ebay HERE but if anyone is interested then just send me a message HERE

Turmiel Turmiel side view

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