The Goldfish of Blood and other tales.

Why the title you ask? Well, I was trying to find a way of including everything I’m working on at the moment, but as that essentially meant a big list of miniatures, I decided to go a little more….off beat with the title.

First of all I shall lead with a piece of information that I’m quite proud of, I’ve just completed some work for who, after seeing some of my previous work with their miniatures, commissioned me to paint up their latest figure ‘Aqua Hunter 2’

Aqua Hunter 2


This was a monumentally tricky model to paint, mainly because of the crustacean style armour pieces. But, I think I did do a good job and it was turned around in under a week too.

Next up is the new Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood from Games Workshop which I’ve been tinkering with for a couple of weeks on and off now and so far I’m quite pleased. I used an airbrush for the metallic basecoat but aside from that it’s all brush work. I wanted to go with a different feel to the model and decided to make it much more worn and aged than the box art.

Cauldron of Blood avatar cauldron close-up


I just have to finish off a few details and the crew, then its all done!

And last but by no means least, The Goldfish of Justice is doing a collaboration with Otherworld Miniatures. They were kind enough to send me a selection of models that I can use in a diorama which will be entered into Salute 2014

Otherworld Miniatures


I’ll post more as I work on it.

Also in the pipeline is a Warhound Titan and two rather lovely dioramas for a client, one of which involves the rather infamous ‘Barbarian Dude’ figure by Raining Frogs garage. And by infamous I mean ‘Best. Sculpt. Ever’

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