Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Well, I finally got around to finishing Leonardo, he’s come out very well, especially since I’ve started to push the contrast more on my figures.

The contrast in my painting is one of the key differences I’ve been noticing between my work and those who regularly win trophies (it’s not the only difference obviously, but it’s a big one).

Anyhow, the revelation of contrast and a alteration of how I do my blending means that the work shown on this blog should improve dramatically.

Now for the bit you came here for, the pictures. He does still need a base, which is currently wip, but aside from that he’s done.







For those of you interested in buying the leonardo figure, here’s the link , the sculptor Fancagne Didier is also working on the rest of the tmnt set and Donatello is up for preorder at the moment.

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