Tale of Painters Redux

Thanks to the chaps over at Tale of Painters the format for a painting challenge (and subsequently it’s name) have become common lore in our particular neck of the hobby woods.

About a week or two ago, it became apparent that myself and my painting friends had become demotivated and painting had slowed to an almost glacial level of progress. It didn’t take long for my good friend Alisdair to suggest that we try a Tale of Painters style challenge to get us into the zone once again.

1000pts of playable army by Gamesday is the timescale we’re looking at, with roughly 200 – 250 pts per month. To aid us in this task, we’re using the Goldfish of Justice Official Facebook page to log our progress and keep viewers in the loop with both WiP and finished pictures of the units/characters we’ll be painting.

From the Facebook page:

So then…. The Goldfish of Justice has turned its baleful eye on a group of Gamers, they don’t all know each other but the Goldfish demands something of them…

Over the next four months they have been tasked with painting up 1000 points of their chosen 40k army.

This task has at least been given structure! They shall paint 250 points in each of those months, documenting their progress as they go, and when they are done… they shall meet up (in some cases for the first time) and play some games…

Over the next couple of days, we shall bring you introductions from these brave few that have chosen to stand firm under the watchful gaze of the Goldfish of Justice…

4 thoughts on “Tale of Painters Redux”

      1. seconded steve … i came here from the painted 40k (also great) and ive loved flicking through your stuff… i will add that bert is quite possibly a douchbag and that you should take my comment as a universal balance
        loved the butcher piece, as a gw only modeller in the past its amazifng to see other companys producing such high quality castings!

        1. Thanks Rob, glad to hear you enjoy my sporadic posts 😀 the Butcher was great fun to paint, I don’t get to paint non gw stuff that much so it was a nice change.

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