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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal

So, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal. Thus far NMM is a topic that has always caused a fair amount of friendly debate (and I daresay unfriendly debate too!) in the painting community. So for the absolute beginner, what’s the difference?

Metallic paint contains literal flakes of metal (usually aluminium) suspended in coloured pigment.  The flakes reflect light, causing the paint to look shiny once its applied and the size of the flakes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so its up to the painter which brand he/she prefers. There’s a lot more science that goes into these paints, but quite frankly its boring so I won’t.

Non metallic metal isn’t a paint, rather its a style of painting, using standard paints in high contrast to trick the eye into thinking the surface is reflective, in exactly the same way a 2d artist would do (both traditional and digital), check out this video from Sephiroth Art to see what I mean.

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Total Wargamer Painting Competition



It’s official, The Goldfish of Justice has been asked to help judge a painting competition at Total Wargamer in Evesham on Saturday 27th July during the summer fete. I shall be on hand to answer any painting questions you might have and if I can wrangle a little space for a display I shall bring down some miniatures.

There are 3 categories

  • Single Miniature
  • Large Model
  • Under 16’s

Here’s the event page on facebook

Feel free to post a comment on here if you have any questions or pop onto Total Wargamers Facebook page