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Miniature painting in 2017, The year so far.

Well, we’re nicely into 2017 now, the madness of Christmas and new year has gone. So its about time I got back into blogging ( something I’m notoriously unpredictable with) and regaled you with what I’ve been upto in my Miniature painting. there is a reason for that though, I always struggle to think of something to say that I think will be of use to my readers. Of course Its not really up to me to decide what people will enjoy reading, I really do need to just write stuff, post stuff and see what people like, share and then create more of that!

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Predator Snow Hunter Lord

Well, it’s finished! the whole project was a blast to paint and I hope the customer likes it!

Finished it all off with some snow made from bicarbonate of soda and ‘ardcoat varnish. The trick to making snow like this is have the ratio of bicarb to varnish higher in favour of the bicarb (so its quite dry and not very sticky, kind of like a big clump of snow) and wet the surface you’re ‘snowing’ first, and use a wet brush to push the snow into crevices or shape it slightly.

Snow hunter predator 4 Snow hunter predator 3 Snow hunter predator 2 Snow hunter predator


the blood on the snow was done with the new ‘Blood for the Blood god’ special effect paint from Games Workshop, I watered it down slightly and applied it whilst the ‘snow was still wet so that it soaked in like real blood would.

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Ferrus Manus and the Predator of Azkaban

Don’t ask about the title, it came to me in a flash of inspiration, and made me chuckle. They’ll probably get worse before this year is out.

Anyway, onto the purpose of this post, Ferrus Manus is all done, completed to a relatively high tabletop level and ready to ship to the customer tomorrow. After doing two of these I’m sorely tempted to repose one, especially as the arms are totally separate and the only cutting would be on the legs.

Ferrus Manus Ferrus Manus 1


Now you’re asking where the predator is aren’t you? yes you are, I can tell.

This is a private commission from a regular customer of mine who loves getting Predator figures done. This one is WiP of a very nice figure from Predastore.ch for which I’ve created a custom base from super sculpey, a gw cold one lizard head and a generous sprinkling of greenstuff.

P1010261 P1010262 P1010263 P1010264He’s not glued down yet as I’ve not painted the base (hence the fairly significant lean he’s got going on in some of the shots).

Predator and the Army Painter review

Today’s post is a bit of a mish-mash of the various things I’ve been painting over the last couple of weeks. The gap between posts is still too large for my liking but I’m slowly getting there.


First of all lets start with the Predator. As with the other predators I’ve painted this is a figure from predastore.ch┬ásent over by a regular client.



its a stunningly cast figure, with little to no mould lines or imperfections, and the sculpting is second to none. It does have quite a simple base compared to the other figures but this is a good thing, you want the focus on the miniature itself.

The small section of rock with the skull attached comes with the miniature and as this one was required to match a carnosaur I’d done previously I added a small amount of mud to the base with trampled leaves and grass.



The mud is a mix I’ve been playing around with for the last few months trying to get something that looks right. Eventually I settled on a mix of Dark Earth weathering powder (forgeworld), pva glue, rhinox hide paint (gw), a pinch of fine sand, Ard coat (gw gloss varnish) and a product called Micro Kristal-Kleer (Krasel industries, the same folks who make Micro-Sol and Micro-Set) which is supposed to be used to fill gaps on scale windows.

The mix turns into a sticky rubbery mess very rapidly so it’s best to apply asap but it does create splendid looking mud and you can squish it with a sculpting tool to create really realistic trampled surfaces.

For some reason the mix of the gloss varnish and the kristal-Kleer creates the right texture, you just need to colour it with paint to create very wet mud but I add a few extra ingredients to tone it down and add a bit of texture variation.

Army Painter review

I received this little lot from Putrid Painting the other day too (The paints, not the laptop, it’s a cracking company but I doubt they’ll send me a laptop anytime soon)



this is all stuff from Army Painter, and pictured are two of their standard paints, a quickshade set, the wargamers most wanted brush set and a can of their coloured undercoat spray.

First impressions are quite good.

The brushes have a triangular shaped handle which makes them quite comfortable to use for long periods of time (I’m a full time painter, so this bit is VERY important), the ‘Most Wanted’ set includes a Drybrush, regiment brush and an insane detail brush. The drybrush is cut at an angle with slightly stiffer bristles which make it a very good tool for the job. As with any brush you use to drybrush with, it starts to splay out almost immediately but nowhere as badly as some brushes I’ve used.

The insane detail brush is ok and holds its point relatively well when painting, but the bristles are just that bit too short for my liking (personal preference more than anything), Something between the regiment brush and insane detail with a nice point to it would be perfect (I’m sure they do such a brush but I’ve only had exposure to this little batch of goodies so far).

The quickshade inks are very good indeed, they’re far softer than I had expected but not wishy washy at all, presumably designed to be used without watering down, unlike vallejo inks which are really strong and always need to be watered down (no bad points about either, each has their own merits and their place in my painting area).

The spray I’ve used only briefly but found that it will require practice to get right as its a very thick paint and you can easily destroy fine detail if you’re not careful. It’s a great idea for a product but I really don’t think its any good for beginners as its far too easy for them to ruin a model with.

And now, after I’ve made you read through all that drivel, I shall reward you with a picture of Ferrus Manus From Forgeworld. Painted this one up a couple of weeks ago but realised I haven’t put up any pictures of it up on the blog!

P1000604 P1000605 P1000606 P1000607


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