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Miniature painting in 2017, The year so far.

Well, we’re nicely into 2017 now, the madness of Christmas and new year has gone. So its about time I got back into blogging ( something I’m notoriously unpredictable with) and regaled you with what I’ve been upto in my Miniature painting. there is a reason for that though, I always struggle to think of something to say that I think will be of use to my readers. Of course Its not really up to me to decide what people will enjoy reading, I really do need to just write stuff, post stuff and see what people like, share and then create more of that!

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The Mechanical Menace

This is a Necron commission that I have recently finished, A large army and quite a task to get done.
The customer picked a nice scheme with lots of metal showing (which should have saved me time on edge highlighting green, but the chipping and weathering soon ate into that)
The chipping was done with a mix of black and dark sea blue (vallejo).

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Necron Commission

Lately I’ve been absolutely snowed under, tons of commissions and multiple competition entries, both for Golden Demon, and the new ‘mini’ Golden demon: Tanks.

Whilst this is all good, it is quite stressful too, but the results will be worth it.

This is the latest commission that has been completed, some Necrons done in an NMM (Non Metallic Metal) style. The gore and blood on the flayed ones was achieved using Vallejo’s relatively new Special Effects set which is excellent and can be used for some very realistic effects.

IMG_3461 IMG_3460 IMG_3459



I’ve had a secret project on the go for a little bit now, which is finally finished. It’s Knight Models Deathstroke for the Batman miniature game. it’s a really nice figure with plenty of small detail that gave me the opportunity to use my new Optivisors!

The base is entirely scratchbuilt (I’ll do a run through later this week on how I built it, but it should all be fairly obvious, no obscure tricks were used in the making!)

Anyway, enjoy!

Deathstroke Deathstroke_closeup

NMM Necrons WiP 

As I’m sure most of you are aware, I love doing NMM, there’s something about the challenge that appeals to me. 

So it was inevitable that at some point, someone would ask me to do some Necrons. 

I have ten flayed ones and two lords to do (with 12 tomb blades on their way as I’m typing this) , and so far I have nearly finished the first lord, with just his base left to do. 


Volgor and the Magical Wet Palette

So, the other day I went out and bought myself a proper wet palette. its huge.



this wasn’t the biggest one i could have bought, not by any stretch of the imagination. But it was the biggest i could fit on my desk and still have space to work.

it comes with 12 sheets of semi-permeable membrane (it looks and feels suspiciously like baking paper) and 3 sheets of reservoir paper, which means I should in theory be able to use 4 membranes per sheet of the reservoir paper. I paint A LOT, so I’ve yet to see if its economical to just buy the refills rather than find an alternative method of replenishing the awesomeness,  if it lasts me a month then i’m happy with that, but i don’t want to be chewing through a pack every week at 4 pounds a go.

Speaking of awesomeness, since using the palette, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my blending. I’m not sure if its just a placebo effect or whether its being able to move back and forth between mixes without the paint drying out, but it feels much more natural.

22281_810446065700404_472459064851913556_n 10479046_810446049033739_8634950958684180673_n


So far I’ve only used the palette whilst painting Volgor’s axe and the armour on his leg, but even just that seems smoother than i could previously manage.

If this is the case then that bodes well for the future, as getting a smooth blend has been one of the things stopping me from learning more theory, such as placement of colours and using lighting to convey the story or mood etc. It’s not a literal stopping point, more of a mental one, looking at other artist’s work for example, and thinking “I can’t do that, I can’t even blend properly” and as you know, If you think you can’t, then the chances are that you’ll fail or even not start, but if you think you can, you have a much better chance of succeeding.