Shaltari Dropzone Mega army

Happy New year to all!!

I’m not normally one for new years resolutions, the name just puts me off for some reason, but this year is going to be a big one for the Goldfish of Justice, commissions roll in fairly regularly, but I want to get to a stage where people are coming to get stuff painted because they want something done by the goldfish of justice, and not just because I’m good and surprisingly cheap. I want the name to become something greater then the sum of its parts.

There’s only one way to achieve that, and thats by hard work.

But I digress, this post isn’t called ‘Shaltari Dropzone Mega army’ for nothing y’know.

P1010246 P1010247


This is part of  the mega army set (the snazzy one with metal KR custom case) and I am blown away by the detail on these resin ships. Not that you can see of course, my photos, as ever, are pretty shocking.

These are all going to be done in the studio colour at a high level, so there’ll be nice little touches and details in the painting that a standard gaming army wouldn’t get.


Also in the pipeline is this Lamenters army (not pictured are 3 drop pods to go with it), there’ll be lots more photos of these soon as I’ll be lavishing some serious painting love on them.



All in all I’m quite looking forward to this year and all the epic things it will bring.


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