Well, it’s about time I did another post really! Although I update the facebook page quite frequently, writing a blog post seems to be more difficult, which is very odd because I do enjoy writing. It seems that when I have pictures to post I can find nothing better to say than “look, here’s a shiny picture, enjoy” which is no good to anyone as anything more than a spot of eye candy.

Anyway, on with the eye candy for the moment, I will seriously try to do something with a bit more depth later this week.

First up is another figure from the predastore


A cracking sculpt to work with, but it is VERY fiddly to assemble. Also a first for me is the use of natural leaves. I bought the Deep Forest premium basing kit from and was very impressed, you get a really nice selection of foliage, leaf litter and other assorted effects, along with some really nice resin tree pieces, including some broken tree stumps and various larger fallen trees.

Next up we have a red, grey knights stormraven, painted to match a clients army. I do love weathering vehicles and I think that shows here, even if it is quite subtle.


And lastly for this post we have two wraithknights. I think the total wraithknights I’ve painted so far is getting close to ten, they’ve been the most popular thing for people to order so far, although I’m sure this will all change with the upcoming release of the new Space Marines Codex and associated miniatures.


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