Otherworld miniatures Minotaur (and another predator)

A while back I was due to create a diorama for Salute using miniatures by Otherworld MIniatures , but sadly time got the best of me and I was not able to do it. The planned diorama is still on the cards though as there’s plenty of shows coming up, and of course there’s salute at the start of next year too. The last week or so, I’ve been able to spend a little time prepping the figures, so here’s a little sneak peek.

First up is the Minotaur that’s the main protagonist of the diorama, as standard he comes with no clothes at all (there is a clothed version, but the weapons aren’t as good.) so I’ve sculpted a loincloth for him, mainly so I have some space to do a bit of Greek style freehand.



One of the other characters is a sorceress, with a torch in her hand it’s a great opportunity to do some osl effects, and you can see so far I’ve blocked in the basic idea with the airbrush.


There’s a third character, but more on him tomorrow. And as painting predators seem to be my main income lately, here’s another one!


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