New site and some Eldar Harlequins

First of all, welcome to the new home of the blog

The move to a new hosting and domain means there’s a lot more I can do with the blog and the next few weeks should be very interesting!

As for what I’ve been upto since the last update, well, for the most part I was frantically preparing for a job interview with Forgeworld. Sadly I did not get the job, but not due to my painting, which was nice to hear, it was a practical issue of location and their need for someone who could fill the role faster, which is an understandable concern.

Painting wise, I’ve been working on some Eldar Harlequins, the first squad of which is all converted to be female (in the case of the standard box this was using the female torsos from a second box, and for the shadowseer I used greenstuff to sculpt the breasts.

img_20160918_153842 img_20160918_153904

The Troupe Master below is still a work in progress, with the jewels and other pieces needing work.

img_20160918_154540 img_20160918_154556


Hope you guys like the site, and for any newcomers, Welcome!

Happy Painting!

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