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So, its been a long time coming, but games workshop have finally released an official Golden Demon website (, the question is, too little too late?


In short, no. In fact, its probably come at exactly the right time, riding the crest of a wave of goodwill from the community, because at long last, GW are talking to us. And best of all, they’re LISTENING.


With a new CEO in the shape of Kevin D. Rountree, games workshop has done a complete 180° on it’s ‘wall of secrecy’ policy and have let each department set up a Facebook page where people can talk to them and feedback is taken on board (to a certain degree at least, it’s a business at the end of the day and you can’t please everyone). Because of this, the general vibe towards gw has been steadily improving, helped along by a wealth of new board games which happen to be cunningly disguised special offers, without having to cheapen the brand by using the words ‘special offer’ or ‘sale’ (the new knight Renegade box, two imperial knights for £120? That’s not a great deal more than the cost of a single knight). Going hand in hand with this new found acceptance and support of the community they’ve launched the Golden Demon website, ostensibly a gallery of previous winners, but who knows where they’ll take it.


Here’s what the Forgeworld team posted up regarding the new site;


“We’ve just created a new website to let you view the winners from the world’s most prestigious Warhammer painting competition: Golden Demon.
The entries for 2013 are in there now, but they will soon be joined by more from previous years, and of course, we’ll update it after Warhammer Fest so you can have a good old gawp at the winners.”


Saurus Oldblood By Steve Party
Open category: Gold – 2013


Previously Golden demon entries have only been viewable through either a raft of different websites such as coolminiornot and Putty&Paint, or through Warhammer Visions, a monthly artbook featuring new releases, community models and generally a lot of golden demon entries (personally I’m a big fan of Visions, because I like lots of high quality photos and don’t game enough to require anything to do with rules). The problem with these options though is you’re either sifting through other models to get to the demon entries, or you’re paying for the privilege of having lots of nice photos in Visions.


I can immediately see what people will ask now, “why am I paying for Visions now when this new site has all the photos on it anyway?”


Easy answer too, the website seems to feature only winners, and also has only one image of each entry. If I’m honest I’m OK with this, it again comes down to the fact that gw is a business, and it doesn’t make sense to put everything onto a website when you’re trying to sell people a monthly magazine. I feel that the point of the new website is an archive of sorts and it allows people attending future events to see what has won in the past, or even just to tempt people into buying Visions because that has more entries at different angles and includes finalists as well as trophy winners.


Either way its a welcome addition, I quite often trawl through my stack of old white dwarfs and visions when I’m looking for inspiration, and having at least a small part of that accessible on a website is a lot easier (I certainly wouldn’t stop my old magazine sessions, but there are plenty of times I don’t want to start lugging hundreds of magazines out of storage).


So far they’ve started at 2013 and have plans for more galleries and also upcoming events which is especially of interest, as my major gripe is the lack of notice about upcoming competitions. However, it all bodes well and I look forward to seeing what they have planned!


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