Miniature painting in 2017, The year so far.

Well, we’re nicely into 2017 now, the madness of Christmas and new year has gone. So its about time I got back into blogging ( something I’m notoriously unpredictable with) and regaled you with what I’ve been upto in my Miniature painting. there is a reason for that though, I always struggle to think of something to say that I think will be of use to my readers. Of course Its not really up to me to decide what people will enjoy reading, I really do need to just write stuff, post stuff and see what people like, share and then create more of that!

The other time vacuum recently has been my involvement with a fantastic blog that has some of the best tutorials, reviews and interviews for the figure painting hobby that I’ve ever seen (yes i’m biased, but it really is rather good). It’s the brainchild of Jason Martin, a prolific hobbyist and blogger. Jason brought me in to help with some of the technical aspects of the site as I have a little  bit of experience in that regard, enough to be able to help out at any rate and let the writers get on with the important business of well…writing.

Aside from that, what have I been upto? lets have a look shall we

First up is Forgeworld’s Kharn the Betrayer painted up as an iron warrior.  An interesting project, but one that really allowed me to go to town with scratches and dents on the armour. The mechadendrites that single him out as a Warpsmith are a mix of those from the Mechanicus Dominus plastic figure from GW and some from Raging Heroe’s Necropriestess (about the only thing worth taking from the priestess kit to be honest, whilst I’ve since had better casts from them, the necropriestess I had was shit, lots of large bubbles and a really nasty texture all over it).

Khaarn the Betrayer conversion
Kharn the Defector
Wounded dark angel space marine
Dark Angel I’ve come to know as ‘Mr Unlucky’

The Dark angel that accompanies Kharn was painted using some tips gleaned from the blog of Gareth Nicholas, specifically his tutorial on shiny armour (give it a read, a must if you’re at all serious about your painting). whilst I’ve not got it anywhere near as shiny as Gareth does, I can’t afford to plough that many hours into a commission! (I’d love to be able to, but I have to find a balance between quality, speed and the costs involved for the client).

kharn and dark angel together on scenic base

Predastore Spetsdwarfs

These are some interesting models from a company called Predastore.  As you may know from previous Miniature painting posts, Predastore dealt mainly with alternate versions of figures within the popular Predator universe. However they have decided to discontinue these models in favour of several different ranges of miniatures, the first of which is the Spetsdwarfs, traditional fantasy style dwarves, but themed around the Russian special forces, the Spetsnaz.

I’ve had the opportunity to paint up some of the range.

Miniature painting on Spetsdwarf leaping

Spetsdwarf with Uzi

rear view of spetsdwarf with Uzi

Seated Spetsdwarf

Spetsdwarf with rifle

Seated spetsdwarf with rifle

Sneaking Spetsdwarf

Uzi and shield

All spetsdwarfs together


Its been a busy year so far, so I’ll do another post on friday with the rest of the Miniature painting I’ve been working on!


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