Mini Challenge Complete

With the weekend now over, Chris’ ‘challenge within a challenge’ has come to an end. Basically, the premise was to each paint up a sergeant by the end of the weekend.

Chris Seadon came up with this superb Destroyers sergeant for his pre heresy Death Guard army

Death Guard Destroyer Sergeant

There’s some really nice details on this mini, but the stand out feature is the armour, that glorious rad-blackened armour. it has a lovely (if such a word can be used for anything Death Guard related) depth to it, and the dusty, matte finish really makes it look the part.

My part in this mini┬áchallenge comes in the form of a kitbashed Dark Vengeance Sergeant Raphael, (with space wolf legs and blood angel arms) for my Disciples of Caliban army. It was fun to paint I must say, especially the face, for which I used the ‘eavy metal space hulk tutorial found in a old-ish copy of white dwarf (It’s still available in pdf form over on the Games Workshop site, just google ‘space hulk masterclass’ and it’s the top result)

Sergeant Raphael

An honourable mention goes to Alisdair, who did not manage to finish his sergeant in time for the mini challenge. Mild mockery will ensue regarding his timekeeping, however his miniature, as always, is stunning.

Blood Angel Sergeant

Take a good look at Ali’s Blood Angel and see if you can spot all the work that has gone into this model, there’s sculpting work all over the place but most will not spot it until it’s pointed out. Another rather lovely model to look at which, along with Chris’s, set’s the bar high.

As for other updates posted on our Facebook page, here are Alisdair’s and Chris’s Squad updates and a couple of pics from our latest entry into the challenge, Demetris Tampakoudis (better known as DaemonPrinceDargor on Bolter & Chainsword)

Alisdair's Blood Angels Chris's Death Guard Destroyer squad

Demetris's Sons of Horus Preator Demetris's Sons of Horus

As soon as everyone has a squad update posted i’ll jam it all together here on the site.

Happy Painting Everyone!

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