Magnetising a Space Marine Drop Pod

I had a request from a client recently to magnetise the weapons on a space marine Drop Pod, and as I keep thinking that I should try my best to give back to the community in the form of tutorials, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

Magnetising Weapons on a Space Marine Drop pod

So, you’ve bought a Drop pod, but you can’t decide whether to arm it with a missile launcher or a storm bolter. Well, look no further, your salvation is at hand! (probably not, as I’m sure someone else has done this before, but you get the idea)


You will need some, superglue and wishes just won’t cut it. So here’s a list.

  • Pin Vice
  • Hobby knife
  • Superglue
  • three 3mmx1mm neodymium magnets
  • Side cutters
  • 1mm and 2mm Drill-bits (if you have a 3mm this will be perfect, so read on)
  • pliers or a clamp


Here’s all the parts you need from the sprue, including both weapons and the weapon mount.



First of all you’ll need to clip off the two tags either side of the mount that hold the weapons in place



Like so



the circle mark left on the plastic where the tag was located is where you want your hole to be so everything lines up correctly. Mark the centre of the circle by gently twisting the point of your knife into the plastic to form a small indentation, this is so your drill-bit has something to sit in and won’t move around when you first start to drill the hole.

Using the smallest drill-bit (1mm) drill all the way through, keeping the drill-bit as straight as possible.



The hole you’ve just drilled is called a ‘pilot’ hole, this basically makes drilling subsequent, larger holes much easier as you’re not moving as much material out of the way (not noticeable when drilling plastic, but a good habit to get into as it’ll make drilling metal a lot easier)

Next drill the same hole with a larger drill-bit (if you have the Games Workshop pin vice its the 2mm bit but if you have a 3mm bit, use that)



As you can see, using the 2mm bit, the hole isnt quite the same size as the tab you cut off (if you used a 3mm drill-bit you can skip this next part), so you need to widen the hole using your hobby knife.



Just put the knife into the hole as above and twist to shave off some of the excess material. make sure you approach from both sides to avoid the hole being uneven, and as you’re doing it, test fit a magnet into the hole every now and again, you want a really tight fit.

once you’ve achieved that, take the magnet out, pop some superglue into the hole and re-fit the magnet (wipe off any excess glue that gets pushed out as you don’t want that interfering with the magnets too much, thick layers of glue or paint will dull their effectiveness. and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use your finger for the task)

This should be your result (its not as wide as the plastic section, but this won’t affect the er..’stickiness’ of your assembly)



Let the glue dry thoroughly (I can’t stress the importance of this bit, if you don’t, you’ll glue the magnet meant for the weapon into the mount, which causes all sorts of problems)

Now for the easiest bit. The holes in the weapons are exactly 3mm, so the magnets fit straight in.

pop another magnet onto the mount, and push one of the weapon sides onto it, when you pull the weapon away, the magnet should be sat in the hole in the weapon. They’re whats called an ‘interference’ fit, which means you’ll need to use some pliers (wrap some masking tape around the tips to prevent damage to other parts if you use this method) or clamps (like these below) to get it to sit flush (level with the flat surface of the weapon)


This below is what you should be left with, there’s no need for glue on the magnet on this part as the interference fit will hold it in place very well.



All that’s left to do is glue the two halves of the weapon together and once dry, the weapon should slide on with a reasonably satisfying click.

IMG_2395 IMG_2394



Hopefully this has been of some use to someone out there, and if the response is favourable, I shall do some more (suggestions are always welcome)

Happy Hobbying!

2 thoughts on “Magnetising a Space Marine Drop Pod”

  1. Nice tutorial! I did mine exactly the same a while ago. Though I put a magnet in each side of the weapon halves (can’t tell if you did too).

    1. Thanks Mark! Yep i put one in each side too, as it was for gaming I didn’t want there to be any doubt over it staying in place 😀

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