Mac and Dillon from Predator, a Dryad and more Lamenters.

The characters for the predator diorama are progressing nicely, I mixed up a spot on skintone for Mac and Dillion using rhinox hide and bugmans glow, the highlights are very very subtle but were created by adding a touch more bugmans glow and a dab of cadian fleshtone to the base mix.

Mac and Dillion

Next on the frankly enormous list of projects is a wood elf army, and here’s a WiP of a dryad (since this picture was taken I’ve added a few glazes and scratches.)

Wood elf Dryad

and lastly, here’s some more lamenters!

Tactical marine 8Tactical marine 4 Tactical marine 7 Tactical marine 6 Tactical marine 5 Tactical marine 3 Tactical marine 2 Tactical marine 1

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