Lamenters Space Marines

One of the bigger projects we have on at the moment (but not the biggest, more will be revealed in coming weeks) is a Lamenters Space Marine army, which so far, has been a blast to paint.

For anyone wishing to recreate this particular scheme it’s very important that you start with a brown basecoat. Why you ask? well, black tends to have tiny amounts of blue mixed in to give it depth, and we all know what happens when yellow and blue get together.

For this armour we’ve used a vermin brown basecoat (its and old discontinued GW colour but any darkish sandy brown will do the trick).

next we’ve airbrushed yriel yellow as the next layer, focusing on the uppermost parts of the models . After that its Flash Gitz yellow followed by a 50/50 mix of Flash Gitz yellow and White Scar, both through the airbrush and with the area they cover getting smaller as the colours get lighter.

P1010284 P1010289

Edge highlights were done with VMC (Vallejo Model Colour) Pale Sand and then the whole thing was glazed with GW Lamenters yellow, which tied everything together nicely.

The chips were sponged and brushed on with Eshin Grey and a thin highlight placed underneath each chip and scratch with Pale Sand.

P1010290 P1010291 P1010292

So far we have an assault squad and a tactical squad done this way, with a unit of terminators and several drop pods also to be done.

This is a quick run-through which is hopefully easy to follow, but there is a step-by-step on the way which will go all the way to a completed figure.

Thanks for reading!

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