Krell, Lord of Undeath

Another miniature completed. I must admit, Krell was a really hard miniature to paint, but I don’t think it helped that I had to hand undercoat it (forgetting to bring your spray can when away from home for 2 weeks limits choices somewhat).

Some people swear by hand undercoating a miniature, but personally it’s a lot of extra work for a result that isn’t as good as spraying.

There’s many important lessons that can be highlighted here, such as good lighting. The lighting in the hotel was…iffy, with a small yellowy coloured lamp on the desk. When I returned home and put krell under my normal painting lamp, I could see loads of mistakes, missed spots and mis-placed brush strokes. Despite a few touch ups under a decent light, I could still somehow ‘feel’ the mistakes under the surface just by looking at him.

Krell 20130131_230725 20130131_230753

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