Keeping up appearances

Blimey, keeping to a one post per should rrally not be difficult, but here I am, fairly late in the evening, suddenly realising that I’ve not done a post yet. Today has mostly been a catch up session for my disciples of caliban army I’ve been tinkering with. Not my favorite choice to start an army with, but as I had the dark vengeance box set lying around, a dark angel themed chapter seemed logical. Gut instinct is telling me to use these to fund a primarily forgeworld iron hands, space sharks or ravenguard force. So far I’m undecided.



There’ll be some better pictures tomorrow when I do my ‘tidy up and photo’session. I make such a mess and have so many paints out during a project that once its finished I have to have a massive tidy up of the desk so I can take some decent photos of the finished mini, and it also helps as that simple act of tidying seems to clear the mind and get me excited and ready for the next awesome project.

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