Journey to Salute 2014 – Predator Diorama

With all the commissions that have flooded in recently you’d think finding time for competition entries was extremely limited..well, I won’t lie, it is, however, one way of doing it is to enter customer figures (with their permission of course!).

One such commission is a diorama of a scene from the film ‘Predator’ which the client has very kindly allowed to be entered into the painting competition at Salute 2014. I won’t say which scene just yet, but it features the ‘Dogs of War’ set of figures from Rogue Miniatures, and a crouched Predator from

Most will say it’s quite late to be doing an entry with the competition only around the corner in April, and I won’t say there won’t be a few late nights just before the show but the timescale isn’t as bad as it could be.

There will be a post on the progress of this once a week up until it’s finished, and to whet the appetite, here’s the first figure, a really tiny Arnie!

P1000610 P1010302 P1010303 P1010304 P1010305


As the bases for the figures and the diorama base itself need to be done together so they match properly and the figures are going to be magnetized , I’ll get some nice high quality photos done once everything is finished. The idea is the figures should be removable from the diorama, depending on how the client wants to display them (and if you want to have a closer look at a figure you can simply pluck him from the display).


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