Infinity Pan Oceania

Remember the Infinity Operation Ice storm box I posted about a while back? (Here if, like me, your memory is pretty shabby) well its very nearly done. If you follow the Facebook page at all you’ll have seen a fair bit of these.

The project was very nearly scuppered completely due to a dead compressor for my airbrush, which is not normally a problem, but the client requested I get the figures as close as I could to the box art which was painted by the incredibly talented Angel Giraldez, and that requires extensive use of the airbrush. Happily, a replacement compressor was sourced rapidly.

Operation Ice Storm Pan Oceania



The Client also asked for the Joan of Arc figure from the giraldez set to be painted up

Joan of Arc Joan of Arc 2


Tomorrow will see the completion of the Nomads side of things, so keep an eye out!

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