How to make a simple plinth using plasticard

Here’s How to make a simple plinth for Volgor (this guy below, available from Andrea miniatures HERE), it’s not a full tutorial but I thought you guys would appreciate it nonetheless.

I don’t have any wood or resin plinths so I had to improvise. I took one flimsy plastic Paper clip box and some 1mm plasticard and made 4 pieces with 2 sides same width as the box, and the remaining  2 sides 2mm wider so it glues together and creates edges.

Then I used a 60mm resin base, marked out where the square of the plinth would be and cut away everything else (for competitions I would say don’t do this, but as I sculpted the master that this cast was taken from its not an issue for me). Then just fill the gaps around the resin base with putty and either sculpt it to match or cover with sand. I’ll probably carve down the putty and sculpt it all to match with greenstuff.

You can either glue the resin base to the box and cut away the excess, or just use a soft, sharp pencil (anything from HB upwards into the B’s will work), turn the resin base over, place the plinth onto it and draw round the outline of the plinth, not quite as accurate as cutting away the excess, but as you have to sand the sides down anyway its not a big deal.

I used a cheap wall filler first, then sanded it all down (place a sheet of sandpaper (400grit to begin with) on a flat surface and move the plinth over it rather than trying to hold the plinth and the paper in your hands, I know it sounds obvious, but if you’ve not attempted something like this before, its the little tips that help the most)

Plinth with putty

Next I used some liquid greenstuff as its a much finer filler. Sand that down once its dry , start with 400 grit and move upwards until you get to 1200 grit (much smoother and finer)

Once you painted the plinth it should look something like this!

How to make a simple plinth - completed

Volgor on completed plinth

I hope you’ve enjoyed How to make a simple plinth and I hope you give it a go yourself!

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