First attempts at sculpting

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a crack at some sculpting. There was no reason behind it, I had some super sculpey knocking around and fancied giving it a go. As it turns out, I rather enjoyed it and thought I’d post the results on the blog for others to scrutinise.

First sculpt ever. There was some reference used for various facial features.




Second sculpt, Wolverine, came out ok, although I had to completely cover the ears as I struggled with them. I did do full shoulders later on for this one, but haven’t got a photo yet.



Third Sculpt: Frankenstein’s monster. based on the Boris Karloff version.



After this I turned my attention to sculpting something a bit smaller. The proportions turned out to be a bit….iffy, but kept it as is so I can chart my progress.

small scale test. 20130109_164614


The latest thing I’ve tried is to copy an existing sculpt, Here I’ve tried to copy GW’s Krell, Lord of Undeath miniature (Currently minus head, cloak and weapon).  I had limited success but the weapon section from the real figure fits ok, so I guess that’s a victory at least 😀


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