Ferrus Manus and the Predator of Azkaban

Don’t ask about the title, it came to me in a flash of inspiration, and made me chuckle. They’ll probably get worse before this year is out.

Anyway, onto the purpose of this post, Ferrus Manus is all done, completed to a relatively high tabletop level and ready to ship to the customer tomorrow. After doing two of these I’m sorely tempted to repose one, especially as the arms are totally separate and the only cutting would be on the legs.

Ferrus Manus Ferrus Manus 1


Now you’re asking where the predator is aren’t you? yes you are, I can tell.

This is a private commission from a regular customer of mine who loves getting Predator figures done. This one is WiP of a very nice figure from Predastore.ch for which I’ve created a custom base from super sculpey, a gw cold one lizard head and a generous sprinkling of greenstuff.

P1010261 P1010262 P1010263 P1010264He’s not glued down yet as I’ve not painted the base (hence the fairly significant lean he’s got going on in some of the shots).

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