Fancagne Didier’s Latest sculpt “Takia of the Nakaema Tribe”

New miniature sculpts generally fill me with child-like glee when I see them, and this new one from Fancagne Didier is no exception, a lovely 52mm feline beastie released in resin by Kaha Miniatures (Available to pre-order now)

The miniature is available to pre-order now from Kaha Miniature’s Facebook page or  by contacting

Certainly adding this one to my list of minis I need in my collection!

Here’s an excerpt from the character description just to whet your appetite.

 Taika would make a good watchdog if he was not as reckless. His tiger’s heart seems inexhaustible. One day, however, I know that his luck will turn and impressive as his martial prowess is, this will not be enough to bail him out. In a split second, he must change or die. Daredevil from an early age, Taika is a strong head with a volcanic character. He often boasts of having the favor of fortune and being the best warrior of the tribe.

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