Dropzone Shaltari

Ok, well monday seems like a nice time to post some much needed updates!

First off, the shaltari army is all complete.

P1010275 P1010279 P1010280 P1010281


They look pretty good, lots of nice details. and for those of you that want to recreate the colour scheme, here’s the nitty gritty.

Basecoat: Flash Gitz yellow (We tried Vallejo Moon yellow, but it’s sadly a really horrible paint to use)

Next wash with Baal red 3 times. make sure you let it dry COMPLETELY between coats otherwise you’ll start rubbing off your previous layers.

and as a top tip because Baal red is a discontinued colour, Army Painter’s red tone is a very good match (we used it for the first 2 layers and then washed with baal red for the final coat…if it’s discontinued, make it last!)

now the bit that could drive you mad, highlight all the edges with flash gitz yellow and paint all of the little dots and nodules with macragge blue with a highlight of calgar blue.

the metal was painted with VMA (vallejo model air) Gunmetal, with a wash of nuln oil and an edge highlight of VMA silver.

It’s quite a simple colour scheme, but it does take time…and lots of it.

Thats all for the moment, there’s some Lamenters Space Marines heading this way tomorrow, so keep an eye for updates! and don’t forget, we’re getting closer and closer to 500 likes on the facebook page so head on over and throw us some love by liking the page!


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