Dropzone Commander and an unrelated tale of woe

A tale of woe.

well, not woe as such, more like mild annoyance. and it involves social media and the bane of my life, multiple email accounts.

I used to have an old site called chaos, clutter and crayons which was mainly for my artwork, however when i decided to throw myself into miniature painting and start a business, all that got left behind (I do still sketch every now and again but nothing serious). Yesterday I decided to have a clear out and delete the old email account and cancel the domains for the site. This, I thought would be the end of things….I was wrong.

Today I decided that it would be a super spangly idea to fire up the twitter account again for the Goldfish of Justice and start making more use of it as something other than a dumping ground for posts from the blog, however last week some enterprising weight loss fanatic hacked my account which meant that today, I had to reset my password. Which was set to the email account I’d just deleted, and which was unrecoverable due to it being linked to a google apps for business account. Unimpressed doesn’t even begin to cover it.

And Twitter’s helpful response? “Sorry, we can’t help”

Great. This leads me to delcare that the new twitter account I created just now is GoldfishJustice, so please, just ignore the other one…it’ll go away eventually.

Dropzone Commander

In better news, The Goldfish of Justice is painting something rather splendid this week..The new Dropzone Commander starter set from Hawk Wargames.

Dropzone commander


Above is the first of the UCM side of things. The set was commissioned by Putrid Painting as they needed a demo set to show off at gaming events and shows around the UK.

So far I am mightily impressed with the models, for 10mm scale they are very nicely cast in a high quality plastic and go together extremely well with very little in the way of clean up required.

The most disappointing part of all this is that the models have to go back to their owner when I’m done.

I don’t play that many games, I’m a full-time painter and don’t usually have the time. However, the lure of Dropzone Commander is proving strong and there will come a time when I’ll just have to get the full starter set so I can get to grips with the game (Hawk Wargames, If you happen to read this, a copy of Dropzone to review and post many glorious videos about painting and gaming with, would not go amiss 😛 )

P1000597 P1000598



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