Devils Run: Route 666 wips

Not too long ago I was asked to paint a boxed set for a game called Devils Run: Route 666. Not having heard of it before I did a little digging on the subject before I accepted, and found out that it was a rather interesting ‘Mad Max’ inspired game featuring heavily modified cars and bikes.  Being a huge car and Mad Max fan, naturally I felt compelled to accept 😀
When I received the game I was very surprised at the amount of detail that’s been crammed into quite small models.

Here’s some wips of the vehicles that I’m currently painting.

brass effect is NMM using scrofulous brown, Ivory and Black, all Vallejo colours

Green was highlighted using a stippling technique for the lightest colours with very thin paint.

So far they’re coming out well and are definitely fun to paint.

[Part two] can be found here!

Paint On!


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