Darkest Vengeance

Well, it looks like I’m slowly getting the hang of blogging In a reasonably timely manner (instead of having a bit of a ‘moment’ around 11pm and posting very late). Today’s shiny pictures are of my Disciples of Caliban, finally finished and photographed with some degree of success.
To be honest I probably won’t carry on with the army as something just doesn’t feel right. I think there’s a lot to be said for picking an army based on their background, it’s a very personal thing and speaks to us wargamers in a special way. You have to feel a connection with the army you pick, and thus far, neither Dark Angels or Disciples of Caliban have made me want to do anything more than the odd character or single squad. Space Sharks, however, are a different story, I adore their very limited fluff and like the tribal style designs shown in Forgeworld’s Badab wars books. Both versions of their chapter name however are very silly. Anyone that has any suggestions is welcome to chime in on the comments….not blood angels though, anything but the space vampires.




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