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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal

So, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal. Thus far NMM is a topic that has always caused a fair amount of friendly debate (and I daresay unfriendly debate too!) in the painting community. So for the absolute beginner, what’s the difference?

Metallic paint contains literal flakes of metal (usually aluminium) suspended in coloured pigment.  The flakes reflect light, causing the paint to look shiny once its applied and the size of the flakes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so its up to the painter which brand he/she prefers. There’s a lot more science that goes into these paints, but quite frankly its boring so I won’t.

Non metallic metal isn’t a paint, rather its a style of painting, using standard paints in high contrast to trick the eye into thinking the surface is reflective, in exactly the same way a 2d artist would do (both traditional and digital), check out this video from Sephiroth Art to see what I mean.

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Goldfish Update: Shaltari and Golden Demon

I think its about time this blog had some sort of recognised posting schedule, thus far ‘as and when’ has sufficed. Now however, so much more work is coming in that keeping things to a tight schedule is the way forward. So from now, and until the end times, new posts will appear on Saturdays and Wednesdays with purely picture posts of finished miniatures throughout the week.

Now for the updates!

After the last batch of Hawk Wargames Shaltari went down so well, there was another request for a few of the items that don’t feature in the mega army set, such as the Totem Warspire, Tarantula walker, Dreamsnare and the large Firedrake flyer.


With the Shaltari being an urgent job to do in time for a tournament, there’s been very little time to work on Golden Demon Projects, but even a short chunk of time can be used to good effect.

NMM dwarf

Meet Grimm Burlockson, one of the latest in Games Workshop’s range of dwarves. The main part I liked about this figure is the axe and the pose, I’m not so much a fan of the head with it’s silly pipe and tiny squished face.

So after taking a look at some of the other new dwarf releases, I decided to swap heads and came up with this;


It’s the head from the new Dragon Slayer kit, its not a bad fit but the fact that part of his head is missing so the huge mohawk can fit on means there’ll be some sculpting required (which I’m hoping will fix his ‘tiny head’ syndrome).


It’ll be slow going due to the volume of commissions coming in, but I’m hoping this will net me my first trophy.

The most difficult part of all this will be the base but I have the image in my head along with an idea of what he’s doing, so that will help me flesh out the details and add lots of character to the whole thing.

More updates to follow on Wednesday, including a tutorial which I have just finished photographing!

Mac and Dillon from Predator, a Dryad and more Lamenters.

The characters for the predator diorama are progressing nicely, I mixed up a spot on skintone for Mac and Dillion using rhinox hide and bugmans glow, the highlights are very very subtle but were created by adding a touch more bugmans glow and a dab of cadian fleshtone to the base mix.

Mac and Dillion

Next on the frankly enormous list of projects is a wood elf army, and here’s a WiP of a dryad (since this picture was taken I’ve added a few glazes and scratches.)

Wood elf Dryad

and lastly, here’s some more lamenters!

Tactical marine 8Tactical marine 4 Tactical marine 7 Tactical marine 6 Tactical marine 5 Tactical marine 3 Tactical marine 2 Tactical marine 1

Wood Elf Treekin and Empire Witch Hunter




Todays post is a simple one with a couple of shots of some Wood Elf Treekin I’m working on as part of a Wood Elf army Commission, they’re still in the early WiP stages with a few more highlights to go on, just to break up the fairly uniform brown. Wood Elf Treekin P1010337


Also I have an Empire Witch Hunter in progress, which again needs a lot more work. The photo has washed out the colours somewhat, he does look a bit drab at the moment!


Empire Witch Hunter