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The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust Pre-order

Captain of the Damned Resin Bust logo

Goldfish of Justice Miniatures is proud to present the next in its line of miniatures, The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust.
Originally sculpted in Monster Clay and then cast in high quality polyurethane resin, this piece stands 4 inches in height and has been created to the highest standards and will provide a fun challenge for figure painters of all skill levels.

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Necron Commission

Lately I’ve been absolutely snowed under, tons of commissions and multiple competition entries, both for Golden Demon, and the new ‘mini’ Golden demon: Tanks.

Whilst this is all good, it is quite stressful too, but the results will be worth it.

This is the latest commission that has been completed, some Necrons done in an NMM (Non Metallic Metal) style. The gore and blood on the flayed ones was achieved using Vallejo’s relatively new Special Effects set which is excellent and can be used for some very realistic effects.

IMG_3461 IMG_3460 IMG_3459


Volgor and the Magical Wet Palette

So, the other day I went out and bought myself a proper wet palette. its huge.



this wasn’t the biggest one i could have bought, not by any stretch of the imagination. But it was the biggest i could fit on my desk and still have space to work.

it comes with 12 sheets of semi-permeable membrane (it looks and feels suspiciously like baking paper) and 3 sheets of reservoir paper, which means I should in theory be able to use 4 membranes per sheet of the reservoir paper. I paint A LOT, so I’ve yet to see if its economical to just buy the refills rather than find an alternative method of replenishing the awesomeness,  if it lasts me a month then i’m happy with that, but i don’t want to be chewing through a pack every week at 4 pounds a go.

Speaking of awesomeness, since using the palette, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my blending. I’m not sure if its just a placebo effect or whether its being able to move back and forth between mixes without the paint drying out, but it feels much more natural.

22281_810446065700404_472459064851913556_n 10479046_810446049033739_8634950958684180673_n


So far I’ve only used the palette whilst painting Volgor’s axe and the armour on his leg, but even just that seems smoother than i could previously manage.

If this is the case then that bodes well for the future, as getting a smooth blend has been one of the things stopping me from learning more theory, such as placement of colours and using lighting to convey the story or mood etc. It’s not a literal stopping point, more of a mental one, looking at other artist’s work for example, and thinking “I can’t do that, I can’t even blend properly” and as you know, If you think you can’t, then the chances are that you’ll fail or even not start, but if you think you can, you have a much better chance of succeeding.




Warhammer Fest 2014

Now that the pre-competition madness has abated I can take a breather and gather my thoughts regarding Warhammer Fest.

Basically, I loved it. in previous years the show has felt a bit impersonal and definitely more like a sales event. Not so this year.

Granted, Games Workshop is still a business at the end of the day, so if we want to continue having lovely shiny models then we have to accept that events with lots of things to buy are the norm. But this year, with everything split into different, smaller areas it didn’t feel like this was the focus.

last year at the NIA, there was lots of waiting outside in a queue to get in, but this year, the layout of the ricoh arena meant everyone could wander in, sit down for a coffee, fill out any GD entry forms and then jump into the queue to hand over entries, I think I queued for only about 10mins before the doors to the Golden Demon area were opened, and once inside the atmosphere was fantastic with lots of fellow painters to catch up with. As I wasn’t after any of the forgeworld pre-releases I didn’t go the ForgeWorld sales stand straight away, but I didn’t go down long after the doors had opened and I was through the short queue in no time at all.

The star of the show had to be Forgeworld and their incredible Calth display.



in terms of detail and scenery, this has to be the best board they’ve put together. and according to the forgeworld seminar, there is a Horus Heresy Modelling Masterclass book coming out this year with loads of how-to’s and build photos of the various displays they’ve made. Fingers crossed the calth display is in this first book.

As far as the Golden Demon Competition goes, well, the standard of entries was astounding and a few big names didn’t get the trophies we expected them to. The slayer Sword (along with forgeworld best in show and gold in vehicle category) this year went to Richard Gray with his amazing Forgeworld Thanatar. A well deserved win!



(I didn’t manage to get many photos this year so all credit goes to Richard Gray for the photos)

And as for myself? well I picked up a finalist certificate for the dwarf which I am very happy with, and its given me a sense of purpose in that all I want to do now is paint everything as well as I possibly can in an effort to claim victory next year!


In an effort to fund next years show entries and practice pieces, the dwarf is for sale HERE

Short notice Demons and a much taller Predator

Well, my ticket for the new and improved (we hope) Warhammer Fest has arrived! and suddenly I have that sinking feeling when I realise how much work I have to do between now and October, what with normal commissions and (at the very least) two entries for the Golden Demon competition to sort out.

Handily, like last year one of my entries is also a customer commission.


In other unrelated news, heres one of the latest predators I’ve been working on.


the base was made using a technique I spotted on Julien Casses Blog

A green-ish tide (slight trickle)

First up, here’s some night goblins I completed last week, these were a mid level commission which needed two of the standard goblin shaman converting into night goblins.






The conversions were reasonably simple, with a head swap and arm re-pose on one and robes sculpted onto both.

I’ve also been making some bases for a client using some Mayan themed coins with flagstones sculpted around each one.



And last but not least I popped leonardo onto his base as a quick test to see how it looked. And it looked good.




Tyranid Haruspex.

As many of you follow me on Facebook will know, I’ve been tinkering with a tyranid haruspex for a while now. It was initially supposed to be a quick job to sell on eBay, a nice tidy gaming standard model. However, after all the armies recently, my painting muscles needed a bit of a flex, and that quick tidy model turned into this


I’ve used a technique called ‘trompe l’oeil’ which is used to simulate cracks and scratches in the surface of a figure just by using paint. Here’s the more detailed run down I posted in the Facebook comments last night

Right, obvious stuff out the way first, prime it black.
First job after priming is to get some subtle colour graduation on there, for this one I airbrushed xereus purple on the outer edges of the plate (piece of paper butted up against the join stops the paint bleeding into the bits you want kept dark.

Next do the striations (striped grooves) firstly with xereus purple (tricky to see at first but adds a bit of texture) then genestealer purple and finally genestealer plus a drop of white (not too much, about 3:1 in favour of purple should do the trick)

Now the interesting bit, the cracks. What you’ve done so far should mean that black shows up quite well on the purple. Thin your paint well 1:1 mix of paint/water will be fine. Use this to paint in your cracks, make some straight like the surface is brittle and make some a bit more wiggly like they’re older and worn (for the places where the surface has peeled off keep it parallel to the edges and do more striations like you did on the edges). The highlights on the cracks are critical to this effect, have a think about where the light hits the model and put the highlights (same colours as used on the striations) right alongside the edge of the black cracks furthest away from the light source. Once you’ve done all that, glaze the whole thing with druchii violet and go in with pure white on very small points of the highlights to emphasise them. For the peeled bits, glaze in some necron abyss to make it look like there’s actually a physical gap there. Have fun!

This model will be for sale after I’m done (it’ll have a nice spangly base too seeing as I’ve spent all this time making it look gnarled and awesome.)

Just send a message to if you’re interested.

Charity Events

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks, I had a two enquiries to supply painted figures as prizes for two charities, Clash for a Cure and Wargamers all against Cancer (or WAAC). And quite frankly I’m honoured to be asked and will be making sure that whatever I do for them is full of my usual brand of awesome.

As a spot of publicity for both charities I thought I’d do a quick run through of who they are.

First up is Clash for a Cure


“Clash for a Cure started as the brainchild of Richard “Padre” Courtney in 2010 as a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Using Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes as the game format for an incredible tournament and having wonderful and talented miniature painters donate their time and incredible skills to paint individual models and complete armies for the raffle, which is the major fund raiser for the tournament. In 2011 Padre added Jimmy “Quadfather” Gollihar as co-organizer and added Wyrd MiniaturesMalifaux game to the tournament. At this time we also added “The Cog” a painting competition to Clash for a Cure. Clash for a Cure is fortunate enough to have wonderful sponsors who make swag bags and raffle items available for the entirety of the three day event. Very little of the prize support we have comes from fees or raffle ticket sales.”

This is a Clash for a Cure’s 4th year and it looks to be the biggest yet!
So if you’re near Kileen, Texas from the 12th to the 14th of September, then get down there and show your support.

Next we have something a bit closer to home in the form of the WAAC or Wargamers all against Cancer.


Started by David Wilkinson after a family member was diagnosed with cancer, WAAC will be a full 24 hours of all forms of the wargaming hobby over the 23rd and 24th of August in aid of Macmillan cancer support.

In Dave’s words

” Recently I have received the news that my mum has cancer. We are still waiting for the true extent of the cancer, but one thing that has been a great help to my mum and dad is the MacMillan Nurses.

They have come in like a whirlwind of help, information and pain killers and already I am grateful that they have been there.

With this in mind I would love to do something for them, supporting Macmillan while they support others.

Now I could have stayed in a bath of baked beans or gone running, but I am a wargamer and the wargaming community has shown they are a fantastic bunch (yes I am massaging your egos).

So here is what I am suggesting 24 hours of wargaming (this will include board games and MtG to painting) on the bank holiday weekend in August (23rd to 24th), but here is the catch I want it to be everywhere. Which means I need a lot of peoples help.

I want the whole community to get involved even if it is not the full 24 hours. With this in mind I will be contacting as many stores as I can to get them onboard.”

I paraphrased slightly so here’s the original

I will be offering either painted display figures or a voucher for my services as prizes in support of WAAC

And this is the donation page for the charity on the just giving website

If anyone would like to offer help to either of these fantastic charity events then either contact them through the links above or send a message to and I’ll pass your details on.

Barbarian Dude

So, Raining Frogs Garage released their second version of the barbarian dude (that’s actually the models name, and not just me murdering the English language) a few weeks ago (sold out within a couple of days, I managed to get a couple before they were all gone). This coincided with an ongoing commission for a client, which is the first version of the dude and some dragons. Here’s the wip of the skin so far.


As both myself and my client bought a couple of the redux version, this original figure will be getting the sword and cloak from the new one, with the axe being used elsewhere in the diorama.