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The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust Pre-order

Captain of the Damned Resin Bust logo

Goldfish of Justice Miniatures is proud to present the next in its line of miniatures, The Captain of the Damned Resin Bust.
Originally sculpted in Monster Clay and then cast in high quality polyurethane resin, this piece stands 4 inches in height and has been created to the highest standards and will provide a fun challenge for figure painters of all skill levels.

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Predator Snow Hunter Lord

Well, it’s finished! the whole project was a blast to paint and I hope the customer likes it!

Finished it all off with some snow made from bicarbonate of soda and ‘ardcoat varnish. The trick to making snow like this is have the ratio of bicarb to varnish higher in favour of the bicarb (so its quite dry and not very sticky, kind of like a big clump of snow) and wet the surface you’re ‘snowing’ first, and use a wet brush to push the snow into crevices or shape it slightly.

Snow hunter predator 4 Snow hunter predator 3 Snow hunter predator 2 Snow hunter predator


the blood on the snow was done with the new ‘Blood for the Blood god’ special effect paint from Games Workshop, I watered it down slightly and applied it whilst the ‘snow was still wet so that it soaked in like real blood would.

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Ferrus Manus and the Predator of Azkaban

Don’t ask about the title, it came to me in a flash of inspiration, and made me chuckle. They’ll probably get worse before this year is out.

Anyway, onto the purpose of this post, Ferrus Manus is all done, completed to a relatively high tabletop level and ready to ship to the customer tomorrow. After doing two of these I’m sorely tempted to repose one, especially as the arms are totally separate and the only cutting would be on the legs.

Ferrus Manus Ferrus Manus 1


Now you’re asking where the predator is aren’t you? yes you are, I can tell.

This is a private commission from a regular customer of mine who loves getting Predator figures done. This one is WiP of a very nice figure from for which I’ve created a custom base from super sculpey, a gw cold one lizard head and a generous sprinkling of greenstuff.

P1010261 P1010262 P1010263 P1010264He’s not glued down yet as I’ve not painted the base (hence the fairly significant lean he’s got going on in some of the shots).

Meet J3FF

Fil Dunn has been at it again, this is J3FF.


J3FF is Fil’s second released model comprising 5 resin parts and a resin base, and he’s poseable too!

check out Fil’s Gallery for a few more shots as a huge amount of expression is available through such a simple design. And quite frankly, he’s ridiculously cheap at £13.  I’m not normally one for ‘Aaaawww’ when it comes to miniatures, but, lets face it, he is adorable.

 J3FF can be ordered here at Fil’s website and will be shipped week commencing the 18th February.

FDV1 Mako

Fil Dunn’s new FDV1 Mech model kit

I thought I’d start with the good stuff first (The picture). What you see above is the new model kit from ‘Eavy Metal legend, Fil Dunn. Called the FDV1 Mako, It’s a beautifully designed mech with loads of detail and (most importantly) a massive gun! (yes it’s true, I have a very Orky frame of mind with ‘Bigga shootaz ar betta’ foremost in my thoughts). It was released yesterday and as soon as I get my grubby little paws on one, I’ll post it here for all to see.

the FDV1 Mako is complete resin Mecha kit comprising 67 components and standing almost 9 inches tall when finished and cast in a high quality light grey resin.

The specs are as follows;

  • 67 components
  • Poseable
  • Instruction sheet
  • Pinning wire
  • Individually signed and numbered
  • 536g model weight

If you want to order one head straight over to Fil’s website

Costing £140 it’s a hell of a lot of mech for the money and will hopefully be a hit with modellers everywhere. Just the thing to build and paint over the winter months!