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Tanks for the memories

A quick post with some updated photos of a tank I’ve been working on, its an Emhar MKiv British tadpole, an experimental trench crossing version of the much loved MKiv male tank, interestingly it appears that the tadpole was never used in combat due to not being rigid enough to fufill its purpose.  Despite that though it remains a cracking looking beast!


As far as the kit itself is concerned, well, it seems to be a fairly old mould with plenty of flash and ill-fitting parts but once you’ve wrangled everything into position it looks quite good, even with the rubber tracks (which i hope to replace with metal versions at a later date).


If anyone has any questions then feel free to pop them in the comments!

Happy Painting!


Warriors of Chaos Lord

Another one bites the dust! Really enjoyed painting this particular model, so much so that I bought another one straight after finishing the first one.

currently for sale on ebay HERE

Next on the list are the Disciples of Caliban tactical squad I need to do for the challenge over on facebook. Hopefully I won’t be distracted by the Microart Studios temple bike bases that turned up from Wayland Games yesterday!

Warriors of Chaos Lord

Krell, Lord of Undeath

Another miniature completed. I must admit, Krell was a really hard miniature to paint, but I don’t think it helped that I had to hand undercoat it (forgetting to bring your spray can when away from home for 2 weeks limits choices somewhat).

Some people swear by hand undercoating a miniature, but personally it’s a lot of extra work for a result that isn’t as good as spraying.

There’s many important lessons that can be highlighted here, such as good lighting. The lighting in the hotel was…iffy, with a small yellowy coloured lamp on the desk. When I returned home and put krell under my normal painting lamp, I could see loads of mistakes, missed spots and mis-placed brush strokes. Despite a few touch ups under a decent light, I could still somehow ‘feel’ the mistakes under the surface just by looking at him.

Krell 20130131_230725 20130131_230753

First attempts at sculpting

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a crack at some sculpting. There was no reason behind it, I had some super sculpey knocking around and fancied giving it a go. As it turns out, I rather enjoyed it and thought I’d post the results on the blog for others to scrutinise.

First sculpt ever. There was some reference used for various facial features.




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