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The Great Portal Paint-off and other stories

Ok, so, inbetween being ill and trying to squeeze in as many commissions as possible before christmas, I’ve managed to enter a knock-out style painting competition hosted by Portal Magazine .

essentially, for each round we have three weeks to get a display miniature ready, with each week being dedicated to a specific part of the display.

For example: This week our theme was fantasy, our basing theme was foliage and our technical challenge was TMM (True Metallic Metal), so at the end of the first week we had to show at least a built/primed base, at the end of the second week we had to show evidence of significant TMM work being done and obviously a completed display at the end of the third week.

Trouble is, I entered late, so only have two weeks to get it all done!






Progress isn’t too bad, foliage needs to be added in at the end and its not quite as ‘epic’ in its scope as some of the other entries, simply due to time.

In other news, the carnosaur I entered into Golden Demon 2013 is in this months issue of Warhammer Visions!!

Its my first bit of work that’s been shown in the mag and I’m super chuffed to say the least!

And here’s an Eldar flyer I’ve been working on for a friend, rather pleased with the airbrushing on this one.






Otherworld miniatures Minotaur (and another predator)

A while back I was due to create a diorama for Salute using miniatures by Otherworld MIniatures , but sadly time got the best of me and I was not able to do it. The planned diorama is still on the cards though as there’s plenty of shows coming up, and of course there’s salute at the start of next year too. The last week or so, I’ve been able to spend a little time prepping the figures, so here’s a little sneak peek.

First up is the Minotaur that’s the main protagonist of the diorama, as standard he comes with no clothes at all (there is a clothed version, but the weapons aren’t as good.) so I’ve sculpted a loincloth for him, mainly so I have some space to do a bit of Greek style freehand.



One of the other characters is a sorceress, with a torch in her hand it’s a great opportunity to do some osl effects, and you can see so far I’ve blocked in the basic idea with the airbrush.


There’s a third character, but more on him tomorrow. And as painting predators seem to be my main income lately, here’s another one!


Total Wargamer Painting Competition



It’s official, The Goldfish of Justice has been asked to help judge a painting competition at Total Wargamer in Evesham on Saturday 27th July during the summer fete. I shall be on hand to answer any painting questions you might have and if I can wrangle a little space for a display I shall bring down some miniatures.

There are 3 categories

  • Single Miniature
  • Large Model
  • Under 16’s

Here’s the event page on facebook

Feel free to post a comment on here if you have any questions or pop onto Total Wargamers Facebook page


Win an FDV1 Mako courtesy of Filbot



A couple of very important issues have been raised regarding the deadline for entries if you live thousands of miles away. So the deadline for the competition has been moved till Monday the 1st April giving plenty of time for J3FFs to be delivered regardless of where you live.

Details about the competition from Fil Dunn below.

Want to win yourself an FDV1 Mako (first edition)? Here’s how;

This is a painting/modeling competition titled – J3FF!
Paint up a J3FF however you choose and the most characterful entry will win the FDV1 Mako. Simple. The winner will be chosen by me and is open to everybody and anybody of all skill levels. Pure painting ability although useful isn’t the purpose of this competition. In addition to the Mako prize, the Winner’s paint scheme will be immortalized on a future planned filbot product so i’m looking for the ‘the definitive’ J3FF paintjob.

the rules
– you must use all 5 components of J3FF (body, head, 2 x arms and antennae) the included base is optional.
– no modification of the 5 parts
– images must be emailed to me
– competition closes on the 13th March at midnight UK time

The winner will be chosen by me shortly after the closing date and announced on facebook (here) and the filbot webpage. J3FF can be purchased at for £13 with free shipping. Even if you don’t win you’ll have another painted model to add to your collections 😀

Go on! You know you want to 😀


Here’s the J3ff model


and for those who want to know what an FDV1 Mako looks like

Fil Dunn's new FDV1 Mech model kit
Fil Dunn’s new FDV1 Mech model kit