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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal

So, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Metallics Vs Non Metallic Metal. Thus far NMM is a topic that has always caused a fair amount of friendly debate (and I daresay unfriendly debate too!) in the painting community. So for the absolute beginner, what’s the difference?

Metallic paint contains literal flakes of metal (usually aluminium) suspended in coloured pigment.  The flakes reflect light, causing the paint to look shiny once its applied and the size of the flakes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so its up to the painter which brand he/she prefers. There’s a lot more science that goes into these paints, but quite frankly its boring so I won’t.

Non metallic metal isn’t a paint, rather its a style of painting, using standard paints in high contrast to trick the eye into thinking the surface is reflective, in exactly the same way a 2d artist would do (both traditional and digital), check out this video from Sephiroth Art to see what I mean.

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New site and some Eldar Harlequins

First of all, welcome to the new home of the blog

The move to a new hosting and domain means there’s a lot more I can do with the blog and the next few weeks should be very interesting!

As for what I’ve been upto since the last update, well, for the most part I was frantically preparing for a job interview with Forgeworld. Sadly I did not get the job, but not due to my painting, which was nice to hear, it was a practical issue of location and their need for someone who could fill the role faster, which is an understandable concern.

Painting wise, I’ve been working on some Eldar Harlequins, the first squad of which is all converted to be female (in the case of the standard box this was using the female torsos from a second box, and for the shadowseer I used greenstuff to sculpt the breasts.

img_20160918_153842 img_20160918_153904

The Troupe Master below is still a work in progress, with the jewels and other pieces needing work.

img_20160918_154540 img_20160918_154556


Hope you guys like the site, and for any newcomers, Welcome!

Happy Painting!

Devils Run: Route 666 wips

Not too long ago I was asked to paint a boxed set for a game called Devils Run: Route 666. Not having heard of it before I did a little digging on the subject before I accepted, and found out that it was a rather interesting ‘Mad Max’ inspired game featuring heavily modified cars and bikes.  Being a huge car and Mad Max fan, naturally I felt compelled to accept 😀
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The Mechanical Menace

This is a Necron commission that I have recently finished, A large army and quite a task to get done.
The customer picked a nice scheme with lots of metal showing (which should have saved me time on edge highlighting green, but the chipping and weathering soon ate into that)
The chipping was done with a mix of black and dark sea blue (vallejo).

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I’ve had a secret project on the go for a little bit now, which is finally finished. It’s Knight Models Deathstroke for the Batman miniature game. it’s a really nice figure with plenty of small detail that gave me the opportunity to use my new Optivisors!

The base is entirely scratchbuilt (I’ll do a run through later this week on how I built it, but it should all be fairly obvious, no obscure tricks were used in the making!)

Anyway, enjoy!

Deathstroke Deathstroke_closeup

NMM Necrons WiP 

As I’m sure most of you are aware, I love doing NMM, there’s something about the challenge that appeals to me. 

So it was inevitable that at some point, someone would ask me to do some Necrons. 

I have ten flayed ones and two lords to do (with 12 tomb blades on their way as I’m typing this) , and so far I have nearly finished the first lord, with just his base left to do. 


Infinity Commission: Operation Ice Storm

Got some lovely Corvus Belli Infinity figures through the other day as my latest commission. Started work on the Mobile Brigada first of all (which may have been a mistake, he’s the best of the figures and I should have left him until last)



I love the detail on these figures, and granted, I’d prefer them in resin or a really good plastic, but the metal is reasonably light and flaw free (not totally in some cases, but certainly the best I’ve seen).

Also happened to pick up my copy of Angel Giraldez’ new book, Painting miniatures from A to Z. which is a good read and contains lots of very useful tips




Lots more on the Infinity project to come, plus the completion of a couple of personal pieces during the week (I know, don’t faint)

Til next time.

The Great Portal Paint-off and other stories

Ok, so, inbetween being ill and trying to squeeze in as many commissions as possible before christmas, I’ve managed to enter a knock-out style painting competition hosted by Portal Magazine .

essentially, for each round we have three weeks to get a display miniature ready, with each week being dedicated to a specific part of the display.

For example: This week our theme was fantasy, our basing theme was foliage and our technical challenge was TMM (True Metallic Metal), so at the end of the first week we had to show at least a built/primed base, at the end of the second week we had to show evidence of significant TMM work being done and obviously a completed display at the end of the third week.

Trouble is, I entered late, so only have two weeks to get it all done!






Progress isn’t too bad, foliage needs to be added in at the end and its not quite as ‘epic’ in its scope as some of the other entries, simply due to time.

In other news, the carnosaur I entered into Golden Demon 2013 is in this months issue of Warhammer Visions!!

Its my first bit of work that’s been shown in the mag and I’m super chuffed to say the least!

And here’s an Eldar flyer I’ve been working on for a friend, rather pleased with the airbrushing on this one.