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Slimey sewer base

Quick update for today, started on the sewer base for the ninja turtle this morning. Used knarloc green and warboss green for the mould, rakarth flesh for the limescale/salt deposits and terracotta (old gw colour) for the brick along with vallejo washes of rust and brown were slopped on and coaxed into running down the sides with plenty of water. Mixed in some of gw’s new nurgles rot effect paint to get a sheen along the bottom edge and ardcoat was used for the water dripping down the sides


Predator Snow Hunter Lord

Well, it’s finished! the whole project was a blast to paint and I hope the customer likes it!

Finished it all off with some snow made from bicarbonate of soda and ‘ardcoat varnish. The trick to making snow like this is have the ratio of bicarb to varnish higher in favour of the bicarb (so its quite dry and not very sticky, kind of like a big clump of snow) and wet the surface you’re ‘snowing’ first, and use a wet brush to push the snow into crevices or shape it slightly.

Snow hunter predator 4 Snow hunter predator 3 Snow hunter predator 2 Snow hunter predator


the blood on the snow was done with the new ‘Blood for the Blood god’ special effect paint from Games Workshop, I watered it down slightly and applied it whilst the ‘snow was still wet so that it soaked in like real blood would.

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