Another Ferrus (With thoughts on Vallejo Paints)

The studio has been exceptionally busy lately, what with dropzone commander commissions and armies of various sizes on the go. As most of the recent stuff is bare plastic though I thought I’d share something that has a bit more paint on it.



Obviously this is another Ferrus Manus, in its WiP stages at the moment, and, unusually, painted exclusively with vallejo paints. Normally I go in for a varied selection of paints, mostly citadel and vallejo with a few Army Painter colours.

An interesting experience I must say, the metals are good but they are VERY bright, which comes as a shock when you’re used to the muted tones of citadel paints, but nothing a few washes won’t cure (most of the items people ask me to paint are 40k related so darkening the metal to get that essential ‘grimdark in the grimdarkness’ feel is pretty much par for the course). I’ve been told that the vallejo air series of paints has a finer pigment and the metals in particular are superb, so i think those might be next on my list of paints to try out.


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