A Magical Update

So why is this update magical you ask? Well, for starters I’m back from my 2 week training course in Nottingham, which was a tough time, especially being away from my family for that long. The training itself was fraught with frustrations of it’s own and a large amount of information to absorb. But now I’m back I can once again continue regular posts on the blog.

What I’m up to at the moment

First of all I’ve been working on a miniature for a competition over at The Painters Guild. I decided to go with Krell, Lord of Undeath. As it turns out Krell is a VERY hard model to paint well.

2013-01-28 23.28.35

As you can see it’s still a WiP, with quite an amount of work to do on it (with not a lot of time to do it in)

Also, today I received my order from Always Hobbies


Why sheet aluminium and brass rods/tubing? Well, I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Fil Dunn’s book and have a go at designing and building a mech model. Mine won’t be up for sale when done (unless it turns out to be freakin awesome and people actually want to buy one…I live in hope). I’ll post up some sketches soon as there is one major problem with building or drawing a mech….most of it has been done before and finding a new avenue or spin on an idea is very very tricky.

Until next time, happy modelling!!

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